Version 2 -- "THE SILENT SPEAKER" and "THE ATTENUATOR", this soon to be released product combines the well known "THE SILENT SPEAKER" (SS) and "THE ATTENUATOR" (ATT)in a single package. the new SS is able to be switched to match 4 ohm, 8 ohm and 16 ohm amplifier outputs. the new ATT section has been redesigned to provide smoother transitions between attenuation steps. more importantly and I think this is a first in a dummy load, a newly developed circuit has been added (switchable) that provides Fletcher-Munson compensation* at the lower level settings of the ATT. a balanced line level low impedance output is included which is capable of driving long cables to a recording or PA board.

*the "Fletcher-Munson" effect -- as sound level decrease, the bass and treble response of the human ear decreases. compensation, known in the audiophile community as loudness compensation, adjust the frequency response of low level sounds to recover that part of the sound that the ear loses.

rp-1, the addition of a high gain, high headroom pre-amp and "DRIVE" control to the bp-1, jp-1 series of preamps,will round out the pre-amp series with a rock pre-amp.