the single twelve speaker cabinet --- friend to the taxicab musician

Compact ported cabinet with a 400w Eminence designed speaker. A unique tuning results in very tight bottom end response and a highly detailed open mid and top end performance unheard of in 10" or 15" speaker cabinets. The tuning, although counter intuitive among speaker system designers, is optimized to match the almost always ignored non linear frequency response of the electric fretted instrument. The result is an extremly well defined coherent bass and lower mid-range perfomance. There is no low end boom or bloom. The state of the art asymetrical double flared port system greatly reduces port air noise and non linear port distortion. Constructed of high density zero void Baltic plywood and finished in a very tough high impact resistant natural urethane. The cabinets are protected by high impact plastic corners that are confiquered to interlock for reliable stacking of multiple cabinets. Dimensions: 21"x 15 1/2"x 9 3/4" Weight: 38 lbs.