who is harry kolbe ?

1978: opened harry kolbe soundsmith inc., to provide equipment repair, custom design and equipment modification for the electric musician, soundsmith became the leading guitar amplifier modification and repair outfit in the country, additionally we developed and marketed "the single 12 taxicab speaker", 3 different flavors of guitar and bass preamps the "GP-1", the "BP-1" and the "JP-1" and the world's first guitar dummy load and attenuator, "The Silent Speaker" and "The Attennuator".

1998: sounddsmith goes into partial sleep mode: set up Kolbe Sonics LLC and Kolbe-Podwell Inc. to explore and bridge the gap between the analog and the digital listening experience, results; one patent, a second patent application working and proof of concept hardware. a few years out, unfortunately, poor health and resource problems made it necessary to put the project on hold. however, the strong positive achievements still excite and fascinate, I intend to return to the project.

1998 - 2012: battled on going major health problems and designed and production engineered the product line for Atomic Amplifiers.

2012: SOUNDSMITH is awake: we are going to do much of what we did before, Hi-Fi repair and vintage hi-fi tube equipment restoration have been added to the menu. some of the original soundsmith products are to be improved and reissued. Some new and unusual products are in the works.

As a wrap, I apologize to the people that are unhappy with the way I handled soundsmith's very long disappearance. Again, I am very sorry, please come and visit or call.