who is harry kolbe?

1945: (yeah I'm that old , think experienced) built a cat whisker germanium crystal radio and a 400 ft. antenna from a scavenged length of telephone cable, world wide the reception was amazing.

1949: Bronx High School of Science, Westinghouse Science Talent Search (now Intel) ---- Honorable Mention

1955: received bachelor's degree in zoology (University of Vermont), working toward graduate degree in bio-chemistry, employed as a research assistant at Sloan Kettering / Memorial Hospital, became interested in the newly emerging hi-fi technology, couldn't afford a system, designed and built my own .

1955: the system caught the attention of the editor of the leading " how to electronics magazine", asked me to submit articles detailing the construction of the amplifier and speaker,--- over the next 20 years I turned out more than 100 magazine articles; with a shift to electronics and writing articles, bio-chemistry got put on hold.

1955: opened AUDIO WORKSHOP, became the largest hi-fi repair center in the country,representing, all of the major manufactures including the audio kit makers:exclusive for Dynaco, Acoustic Research, KLH , Citation , Otari, Revox on the east coast.

1968: AUDIO WORKSHOP closed: next 7 years, consultant, designer and author.

1974: S. HAWK LTD. opened, manufactured and marketed the HAWK II, III TONAL EXSPANDERS and the HAWK I FUZZ/OD . S. Hawk was very successful but due to internal difficulties closed late '74.