We are often asked, where can I hear your products? Or who uses your modified Marshall? This page will give you a better idea of who we have worked with and what we have done for them. (Ok, It's really just an excuse to do some serious name dropping). We have also gotten some really nice letters from customers regarding our products and mods. We will be reprinting some of those letters here in The Mail Box. If you have comments or questions about our products, please send them to Soundsmith, Inc 27 West 20th St. NY NY,10011, or e- mail us: We also answer the phone during working hours (2 PM -- 7 PM weekdays), 212- 627-2740

Here's a letter from a bass player who was looking for a speaker cabinet that produced a tight and focused low E string. He was very skeptical about buying our cabinet without hearing it first. After a year of debating and trying virtually everything else, he bought our 1/12. Here's what he had to say:

Your little cabinet really helped bring out the true tone of my Gibson Les Paul hollow body bass. I don't care for the sound of my GK amp because no matter what you do, it sounds processed and synthetic. The little cabinet however gives a natural edge to the sound of that amp and makes it bearable. Actually it makes that amp sound pretty damn good! I used the little cabinet this weekend as a monitor speaker to cut some demos with a metal guitarist. We ended up miking the cabinet because it sounded better than the direct sound. I also used my Modulas Graphite bass through your cabinet and the sound blew everyone away. They couldn't believe the quality of sound that little cabinet put out.

I can understand that some potential clients from out of state or out of your area are afraid to buy blind, without being able to try out the cabinet. But hey...sometimes you just gotta cast fate to the wind and just take a chance. I did and this was probably the most practical and wisest equipment purchase I ever made. A "sound" investment indeed. Feel free to quote me on this to anyone who has their doubts. If you still can't convince them, give 'em my number and tell them to call me and hear it "straight from the horses mouth", from someone who was sceptical, (especially after waiting two weeks, but we won't tell anyone), and plunked down his hard earned dollars and took a chance. I would highly reccomend your cabinet to anyone in need of a cabinet with outstanding tone, versatility and portability. I bought a folding luggage cart for $15.00 at a thrifty drug store that can wheel my cabinet, amp and accessory bag from my truck into the gig with one hand. You can't beat that for portability. Thanx again. P. Stenko