the dual channel pre-amp mod

The modifications described in the Amp repair and mods section work well for Fender and Fender type amps. Beyond these general mods, we offer a wide range of possibilities for the entire range of Fender type amplifiers. To mention a few: converting the small amps that use 6V6 output tubes to 6L6/5881. This improves reliability and gives a rounder warmer tone: greatly increased versatility can be had by correctly installing an inexpensive master volume control: try a different loud speaker: together we can tune/re contour your amp. Talk to us about your sound ideas. Our super, to the max, Fender modification, we call "the channel switching overdrive mod". This mod can be installed in any of the two channel Fender amps. The vintage reissue series is highly recommended. We feel these Fenders sound as good as the originals and are more available and usually less expensive than vintage amps.

The mod begins with a complete overhaul and power supply mod (see amp repair mod section). The first ("NORMAL") channel is re contoured and reverb is added. In the second ("VIBRATO") channel the input and second stages are reconfigured and re contoured, the tone controls are changed to the boost and cut shelving type and are moved from the front end to the back end of the channel where they can provide maximum tonal shaping. The tremelo stages are removed and in their place we install a two stage overdrive. For those players who use tremolo, we have a very interesting tremolo that can be installed with the overdrive mod that will function in both channels. Separate "REVERB" controls in both channels provide access to a reverb that is much cleaner, fuller and deeper than the original. The reverb tank is changed as well as the reverb drive and contouring. A "LEVEL" control on the overdrive side sets the volume relative to the clean channel. The absolute volume is controlled by the "MASTER". All channel switching functions are carried out by high speed noiseless reed relays that are controlled by a foot switch.

The sonic emphasis in this mod is ultra high head room and dynamics, versatility and a controllable smooth overdrive that sounds good even at low volume.