The CONCERT is a 800 watt speaker system that takes up no more space than a conventional 4 X 12 music instrument speaker. Four 350 watt EVM12L type speakers are the motor that drives the system. This is a very high efficiency tuned speaker design. The tuning, very different from most music instrument speaker systems, defines and shapes the response and the dynamics of the system to compliment the amplified music instrument. Even at extremely high sound pressure levels, the CONCERT projects the sound of music instruments with a presence and accuracy unmatched by other MI speaker systems. The cabinet is built with very heavily braced 3/4" high density low void plywood, the front panel is of 1" plywood, providing stable support for the speaker system. High impact plastic protective corners are designed to interlock for reliable stacking of multiple cabinets. The finish is a multiple coat, very tough, high impact resistant, black urethane.

Dimensions: 30"x33"x14"

Weight: 160 lbs, neodymium speaker version 100 lbs.