buffers, splitters and switchers

We design and build a wide variety of signal distribution devices and systems that not only make it easy for the musician to put together any combination of effects and signal processors but prevent losses, noise and distortion that can be created in inter-connecting cables, impedance mismatches and signal switching.

We have designed and built a series of high head room, low noise, low distortion building blocks that can be arranged in custom configurations to optimize your equipment rig. Most of blocks, buffers, signal splitters and pre-amps use vacuum tubes. Our signal routing blocks, A / B boxes and multi effects switchers, are built around very high speed sealed reed relays to insure minimum switching noise and to eliminate distortion due to switching non-linearity (can happen in solid state and optical switches). The power supplies used to power the blocks are all regulated and highly filtered to insure ultra quiet operation.

Call or e-mail us: describe your rig and tell us your ideas. We will at no charge, design the dream system for you.