Musicians usually have an idealized instrument sound in mind that they try to create with technique and the instrument. In the case of the electric musician, the instrument includes the axe, electronic processing and amplification. We team up with the musician to modify and coax his electronics to produce that ideal sound. The following is a list of general repair procedures and modifications that will benefit any amplifier. Beyond this, check out our Fender and Marshall mods. Talk to us about your personal sound and equipment. We often work with individual players and develop a special mod or design and build custom gear that gets them to their unique personal sound.


The overhaul begins with a thorough inspection and check of all of the amplifier's components. Any defective or suspicious component is replaced. Transformers, reverb tanks and speakers are not covered under the overhaul. All controls and switches are chemically cleaned to remove dirt and corrosion. Control and switch contact surfaces are reconditioned with Cramolin. Tube sockets are similarly treated and retensioned. Power tubes are replaced with tubes that are aged and dynamically balanced on the bench under operating conditions. All operational parameters are checked. After bench testing, the amplifier is played extensively in our soundroom. We guarantee that your amplifier will meet or exceed the original factory specifications.


We recommend this performance enhancement modification for all stock tube amplifiers. This modification greatly increases the power supply reserve of the amplifier. Musically, the mod offers a much tighter bass response, greater definition and improved dynamics. This mod does not effect the tonal characteristics of the amp. An additional benefit is a much improved noise performance.


Our active effects loop is completely transparent. Translation: you can't hear the loop, it in no way changes the gain or tonal characteristics of the amp. The send and return are normally calibrated to studio level (+4dbm) and impedances (send-low, return-high). The loop can be adjusted to accommodate instrument driven pedal effects. We position the loop in the amplifier (before the master volume control) so that the loop send doubles as a preamp out and the return converts the power stage of the amplifier into a slave amp with the master now working as the volume control for the slave.


We have developed a Parallel Loop which has all of the same spec's as the above Serial Loop but additionally, provides the ability to mix the return effects signal with the main send chanel.


A separate high voltage power supply is added to the front end and tone control sections of the amp. This mod achieves the "brown sound" associated with variac enhanced Marshalls. Unlike variacs, this modification will not shorten output tube life or damage output and power transformers. This mod increases the amps headroom and sensitivity giving the amplifier the kind of attack where notes seem to jump from your speakers.