Soundsmith specializes in guitar amplification and working with musicians who desire to expand their own personal sound. We are a service center for the repair and customization of all music instrument amps and electronics. Be sure to check out our list of modifications for guitar amplifiers. These mods are designed to improve your amp's sound, reliability and give you a much wider range of tonal possibilities. We also produce a line of custom products for guitar and bass players ranging from preamps to speaker cabinets. Soundsmith, designs and builds switching systems, rack systems or anything else you may need to achieve your dream performance rig. Give us a call, and we will gladly discuss your sound/music needs with you, 212 627 2740, (best time, after 3:00 PM weekdays) or send an e-mail,


Responding to many request and a growing nostalgia for my professional start in electronics (Audio Workshop and Hi-Fi), Soundsmith is adding Hi-Fi service.In addition to providing service for current Hi-Fi equipment, we have the capability and experience to offer extensive restoration and updating of vintage equipment. As with music electronics, we offer a wide range of enhancements and customization possibilities for your new or old audio equipment.